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Texas Special District Lawyers

There are many types of special districts, which are created for varying reasons. In Texas, special districts are used to finance road, street and drainage improvements; to construct utilities such as water and sewer; and to create economic development. At the law firm of Boyle & Lowry, L.L.P., we have extensive experience representing both special districts as well as the cities that deal with these districts.

Most law firms represent either municipalities or special districts. We are one of the few, if not the only, firm in Texas to represent both. Having this dual perspective helps us understand the relationships between municipalities and special districts. It also helps us advise municipalities or local governments that want to create special districts for economic development or other reasons.

Many municipalities are concerned about special districts created for residential developments, since the people in those developments will eventually be paying taxes both to the city and to the special district. Municipalities want to be sure both that the special district does not overburden the cities or overtax the people who will become citizens of its community.

Legislative and Regulatory Issues

Our lawyers represent municipalities and special districts in the passage or amendment of legislation to give public entities the right to create special districts. Attorney John Boyle is a former member of the Texas state house of representatives who understands the legislative process.

General Counsel for Special Districts

In addition to forming special districts, we represent special districts as general counsel in day-to-day operations. We also represent special districts in regulatory matters with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Water Development Board and other regulatory bodies that have jurisdiction over aspects of special districts.

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